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Help Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information About GrabMyEssay.com

What is GrabMyEssay.com?

GrabMyEssay.com is a professional writing service that specializes in all types of academic writing, for students from high school through graduate study. Such writing may include essays, research papers, analyses, case studies, lab reports, book reviews, presentations, research projects, literature reviews, theses, dissertations, and admissions/scholarship essays. It is our mission to promote academic success by providing students with superior research and writing, produced by exceptional writers and editors, each of whom has specific academic credentials related to the content fields in which s/he writes.

In addition to academic writing, GrabMyEssay.com provides a wide variety of other writing – resumes, CV’s, articles, blog posts, website copy, and a full range of business-related products – proposals, presentations, and reports. Anyone who has concern for his/her own writing skills should contact us for exceptional and reasonable assistance. 

How is GrabMyEssay.com different from any other service I can find on the web?

We realize there are thousands of web-based writing services. However, only a very few of these companies provide high quality, original (plagiarism-free) works, produced by professionals that are experts in their fields. When you add a Customer Support Service that is responsive and available 24 hours a day, direct communication between Customer and writer, and a full commitment to Customer satisfaction, you have a company that puts its Customers first and profit second.  Most other companies are happy to take your money, produce average to poor writing, and be unavailable for anything else. Which would you prefer?


The Ordering Process

How do I place an order?

Once you access our website, you will be able to link to the order form. If you are a first-time Customer, you may want to contact our Customer Support Department if you have any questions about the fields to be filled in. We are available 24 hours a day via live chat, telephone, or email. Once you are actually ready to place your order, the following will occur:

  • You complete the order form, filling in each field as completely as possible. You will be asked for your name and contact information so that we are able to get in touch with you throughout the process. Please provide as much detail as possible, so that your assigned writer can begin immediately.
  • The submitted order is analyzed, and is then assigned to a writer who has the academic credentials and the writing background to produce it.
  • Once the writer is found, we notify you and request payment. No work will begin until payment has been made.
  • You will have a personal, secure account on our site, which you can access at any time to check on your order’s progress. This account page will also be used by your writer to communicate with your directly. It is important that you check your account page often, as your writer may have questions or need clarification regarding some of your specifications. In general, we send you an email telling you that you have message on your account, but it is always wise to check it anyway.
  • Once the writer has finished your order, it will be sent to our editing department where it is reviewed for soundness of research and writing and for adherence to your instructions. It is also scanned for plagiarism so that we can guarantee fully original writing.
  • When your order is ready, you will be notified on your account page and via email. You then access the document, downloading it from your account page.
  • You have a minimum of 48 hours to review the finished product and either accept it or request revisions. (For lengthy, complex works, the review time is longer).

What if I am not satisfied with the final draft I receive?

We have a clear and liberal revision Policy in place. If you wish revisions, please let us know immediately, by contacting Customer Support. If the changes you wish do not deviate from your original instructions, they are happily completed, free of charge. Please be very specific about the changes you wish, so that your writer is fully informed.

If your revision requests are a change from your initial specifications, we will be happy to complete them; however, there will be an additional charge for the new instructions.

We want you to be satisfied with your final product – please be assured that we will work with you until you are happy. For additional information regarding revision requests, please see our Revision Policy page

How do I pay for an order?

Once you have completed your order, you will be provided a personal account page. You access this page and click on the “checkout” link. You will be able to use a debit/credit card, PayPal, or your bank account. Payments are processed by a secure third-party service, just as any reputable web retailer uses.

Our Writers

How do you assign writers to orders?

We are very careful about the assignment of orders to individual writers. In your order form, you will have specified your academic level, the type of product you need (essay, research paper, etc.), the length, resources to be used, etc. We locate a writer who has the most appropriate degree level in the subject field of your order and who has had experience with the specific writing genre you need. For example, if you are an undergraduate student, and you need a research paper for a U.S. history course, your writer will have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in history with a history of writing research papers.

Can I speak directly with my writer?

Of course, you can. One of the important aspects of our company is its transparency. When a writer is assigned, s/he will be able to contact your through your personal account page. Likewise, you will be able to contact your writer through the same method. This communication helps to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want. We encourage direct contact throughout the production process. With graduate level research projects and works (e.g., theses and dissertations), there is usually a need for more direct contact between the writer and the Customer. In these instances, we find it more efficient to set up direct communication because of the complexity of the task.  

Do you have writers in all subjects and for any level of study?

Yes, we do. We have spent years developing a premier writing staff and continuously add to that staff. Whether you are a high school student in need of a 5-paragrph essay for English class or a Ph.D. student in need of help with a physics dissertation, we will have a fully credentialed writer for you.

What are the qualifications of your writers?

We have a rigorous screening and selection process for our writers. They must present their degrees, which are then verified; they must present samples of their own writing; and third, they must produce an original piece of writing based upon a topic we supply. Once we are satisfied that they meet our expectations, they will be placed on our list of available writers. When an order is received that matches their academic and writing backgrounds, they will be assigned to that order.

Are your writers English-speaking?

Surely they are. We use only native English-speaking professionals to complete writing tasks for students whose primary language is English or who are enrolled in English-speaking institutions.

Our Guarantees

What if I don’t like my paper?

You should contact us immediately and provide us with the details relative to your dis-satisfaction. We will be happy to revise and re-write until you are happy.

Will my deadline be met?

We do not accept any order for which we would be unable to meet the deadline requirement. Even in the most urgent of circumstances, we will quickly find an appropriate writer for you. If, on a rare occasion, we are unable to find a writer, we will let you know immediately.

Missing a deadline is extremely rare, and has only occurred when a serious illness or emergency has occurred with a writer. In these instances, we notify you immediately and assign another writer to the task. If your deadline is missed as a result of this, we will reduce the original price of your order.

A deadline is occasionally missed because the Customer has failed to give us accurate contact information. We will do everything in our power to get in touch with you, but cannot accept responsibility in these circumstances. Again, this is rare indeed.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Who will know that I am using your service?

No one will know unless you choose to disclose this. We keep all personal information of Customers completely private and will never disclose that information to anyone, at any time.

Do you guarantee that no one else will ever see or have my paper?

Yes, we do. Once a piece of writing has been delivered to you and you have accepted it, we delete it from our system entirely. It becomes your property.  Many other writing services re-sell or maintain their writing in databases, and the risk is great that they may show up elsewhere.

How do you protect my payment information?

We have an SSL secure payment processing procedure, through a third-party, with continually updated firewalls. All credit card, bank, and/or PayPal account information is fully encrypted. We have never experience a security breach. Our security is the same as that of any major web retailer (e.g., Amazon).

Plagiarism/Cheating Issues

How can you guarantee the writing I receive is not plagiarized?

Our writers are legally bound by contract to produce only original research and writing. In order to further guarantee this, we send all completed writing to our editing department for plagiarism scanning. Our software is quite sophisticated and will detect any plagiarism. When you receive your final copy, you can be assured that is original in every way.

Is it considered cheating or illegal to use your service?

Absolutely not. First, we are a legally registered corporation operating a fully legal business of providing written works that are not stolen or plagiarized in any way. You are purchasing a product just as you would purchase a pair of shoes. The product becomes yours alone once it is purchased. You have not plagiarized the work of someone else – you have purchased original work.

Resume/CV Production

Do you have writers for resumes and CV’s?

Yes, we do have such writers. We have an entire team divided into sections, dependent upon the type of resume or CV ordered. When an individual is assigned a resume or CV, s/he will be in close contact with the Customer, in order to gather every bit of information to produce a stellar document.

What types of writers do you use for resumes?

Generally, we have a large cadre of HR professionals from a variety of organizational backgrounds, and we match a resume need to the appropriate professional at all times. Thus, if you are a business graduate, we will have an HR pro with a business background produce your resume.

Who writes CV’s

CV’s are required for very precise employments fields. For example, if a Customer is in need of a CV for a university-level instructional position, we will have an academic from that field prepare the CV.

Copywriting/Business Writing

Do you have writers for web-based content production?

We have many Customers who request directory articles, blog posts, and website construction and content, and we have an entire department dedicated to this writing genre. Our writers have degrees and a significant amount of experience in copywriting. In highly technical subject fields (programming, science, medicine, etc.), we will assign a writer with an academic background in those fields.

Will your writers post directly to my blog?

Yes, of course. Our writers are familiar with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and other content management systems. If you provide access to your blog, your assigned manager will post it in your name.You should contact Customer Support Department to discuss additional cost for this extra service. 

Are you able to write articles on any topic?

Yes, we can. We have a huge staff of writers from almost every business and industry type; however, if your topic is unique, appropriate research will be conducted before anything is written. As well, we happily send the article to you for approval before it is finalized.

Who holds the copyright on site content that you write for me?

Once you have paid for your writing and approved the final draft, every piece of writing belongs to you. If we post any content on your site or blog, you will be the identified author.

How do you guarantee that no duplicate copy of my content exists?

All writing that leaves our doors has been scanned for plagiarism. While most search engines recommend 80-90% rate of originality, our goal is always 100%, and our writers know this!

What types of business writing do you do?

Our business writing professionals come from business schools and organizations. They are experts in the preparation of reports, analyses, business and marketing plans, proposals, presentations, etc. Contact our Customer Support Department with your need, and we will provide the perfect expert for your need! 

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